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About Us

San Diego Data Services creates software for Windows and online applications that function using Internet browsers. We manage, and process data and other content as a service.

We enjoy life at the beach and do work that we are passionate about. Today’s technology makes it possible to work anywhere-anytime. Our mission is to work on projects that enhance life and the environment, not just make a buck.

The workplace, workweek, economy and our social lives are on the verge of some fantastic changes due to new technologies. We are excited about online applications that enable virtual work and office environments of the future.

We strive for continuous process improvement, increased efficiency, good communication and teamwork. We believe that up-front planning, process analysis and comprehensive implementation planning are key to deploying successful, stress-free applications.

We practice “agile” development techniques: get something going quickly; provide our client a hands-on experience; to discover detailed and complex requirements; adapting to the new requirements; and repeating this cycle.

Recent Projects

Our Team


Max, Head Programmer

Max was home-schooled. At the age of 15, he asked his parents, "how do I know you've taught me what I need to know as an adult?" So he went to high school for 6 months earn his diploma with a 4.5 GPA. He says he did all of the extra credit work just for the heck of it.

When he's not reading about the latest technologies you'll find him at a local disc golf course, hanging off the side of a rock climbing wall, or hiking a trail.


Mitch, User Interface and Production Manager

When Mitch isn’t on a keyboard programming, developing websites, processing data, or doing personal research, you’ll find him training for marathons or body surfing at the beach. He runs a 2 hour 40 minute marathon, (26.2 miles).

Mitch has a good understanding of reliable process methods. He is also responsible for product configuration control, data production and ensuring our processes are documented, and continuously improved.

Hilary, Data Production

Hilary manages and processes content and data ranging from XML, JSON, spreadsheets, databases, authoring systems like Adobe Framemaker and InDesign as well as graphics using Photoshop and Illustrator. Hilary has a bacholar’s degree in studio art. She is currently studying to get her GIS certification.

Hilary is also an avid runner and artist. Her artwork can be found on


Cheryl, Founder/Owner/COO

Cheryl fills in all the gaps and keeps everything going. Cheryl started the business 27 years ago when she started a mobile data entry business that morphed into an optical character recognition scanning service using a Kurzweil OCR scanner and a Compaq portable PC.Portable Computer

She was a pioneer in the concept of virtual office and mobile computing. Since then, technology has seen many changes and advancements. But I bet she could still update a SuperCalc spreadsheet or WordPerfect file if you had one.


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